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501 Route 110, Amityville, NY 11701
Phone Number: 631-565-6200
Grades: 7-9

Acting Principal: Mr. Earl Mitchell

Assistant Principal: Mr. Paul Duguay

Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 2:17 p.m.

Mission Statement


The goal of Edmund W. Miles Middle School is to promote the social, emotional, and intellectual growth of every single student. Our expectations will be high, because we believe that every single student has the capacity to succeed. Our focus is to provide a school setting that is safe and responsive to the educational and developmental needs of our students.  Our vision is shared by administrators, students, parents, community members, and all faculty and staff members.  This vision will enable all of our students to become excellent citizens and life-long learners.





End of the Year Reminders - English

End of the Year Reminders - Spanish

9th Grade Awards Letter - English

9th Grade Awards Letter - Spanish

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Awards Ceremony Letter - Spanish

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Current News

Ninth Graders Promoted to High School

Ninth Graders Promoted to High School photo

A winning attitude and self-discipline are the keys to success, Edmund W. Miles Middle School Acting Principal Earl Mitchell told ninth graders as they prepare to embark on their journey to Amityville Memorial High School.

The middle school hosted its ninth grade awards ceremony on June 25, celebrating the high school Class of 2022. Mr. Mitchell encouraged each student to read at least two good books over the summer to keep their minds sharp. When they return in September, they should enter their new school with a positive mindset.

“Don’t let any excuse hinder your success,” he said.

Superintendent Dr. Mary T. Kelly said that just weeks prior, the ninth graders saw members of this year’s graduating class traverse through the middle school halls for the annual senior walk. In three years, it will be their turn, and by that time they will be well prepared for the challenges of college, careers and the world.

Dr. Kelly noted that it is an exciting time in the district for the ninth graders. A major renovation and expansion project is under way at the high school, and once completed in about a year those students will get to enjoy new classrooms, state-of-the-art science labs, an indoor athletic complex and upgraded library media center.  

Administrators and teachers presented students with several awards. They recognized the ninth graders with the top grade in each subject as well as those who have sustained high grades during their middle school years. 

The Amityville Teachers Association Award of Excellence went to Mikhail Ankudovych and Andielynn Llamas while New York State Comptroller Award was presented to Brandon Dennis. Brandon and Samanta Molina also earned the Attorney General’s Triple C award for courage, character and commitment. Scott Pineda was recognized for his perfect attendance.

Warrior of the Year honors went to Kayla Marrero and Bryan Vanegas. Mr. Mitchell introduced a new award this year, Warrior the Year faculty members, which was presented to Erica Azzara and Kerry Kearney.

Chromebooks Transform Teaching and Learning at Middle School

Chromebooks Transform Teaching and Learning at Middle School

Across every subject area, Chromebooks are serving as valuable learning tools at Edmund W. Miles Middle School. Every student in seventh, eighth and ninth grade received a device in February for use both in school and at home.

Teachers say that one of the biggest benefits is having the technology readily available, so students can easily access information and participate in interactive learning experiences. Through Google Classroom, teachers can share course assignments, reading passages, worksheets and more. 

Eighth and ninth grade math teacher David Takseraas posts multiple choice questions and can see student responses right away. This allows him to know how well they are understanding a concept. He also posts daily videos reviewing the homework, which students can watch on their own so more class time can be devoted to teaching new material.

“This is what they’re going to be doing in college,” Mr. Takseraas said of technology-centric learning. “We’re preparing them for their future educations and future careers.”

Seventh and eighth grade English teacher Justin Uliano had his students use Chromebooks extensively during a recent poetry unit. Using various online resources, they located and read different types of poems to inspire their own writing. Students then created poetry anthologies filled with original works. 

“It’s really opened up options for them as to what information they can find,” Mr. Uliano said. “It gives them a lot more independence and a lot more choice.”

Mr. Uliano added that having students use Google Docs for writing assignments makes it easier to edit and revise their pieces. There is also a comment feature which allows him to give feedback to his students throughout the writing process. Additionally, he has students use a program called Plot Factory to plan out the different elements of their stories for better structure and organization.

Social studies teacher Frank O’Brien said the Chromebooks allow students to easily access the historical documents he regularly shares. He also likes that the devices provide opportunities for easy collaboration on group projects.

To bring excitement into his lessons, Mr. O’Brien also uses interactive games for review during each topic. With Kahoot, students independently answer questions on the Chromebooks, and the class results are displayed on the SmartBoard, with rankings based on both correct answers and speed. Quizlet creates a competitive review session in a team format. 

Science teachers Ann Poulin, Christine Quigley and Jennifer Sanchez have found numerous ways to support the curriculum with Chromebooks. Students can take part in virtual labs, which gets them familiar with equipment and terminology before conducting hands-on experiments. They like to use Nearpod, an interactive learning platform featuring slideshows, videos and quizzes. Teachers say they particularly like the interactive games because they get every student involved. 

“When you don’t have technology, you can only pick on two or three kids who raise their hands,” Ms. Sanchez said. 

Teachers noted that because today’s learners are very proficient in technology, there is almost no learning curve when a new program is introduced. Students are quick to grasp the features of the different learning tools, maximizing instructional time.  

Tuesday, July 16, 2019