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501 Route 110, Amityville, NY 11701
Phone Number: 631-565-6200
Grades: 7-9

Principal: Mr. Edward Plaia

Assistant Principal: Mr. Paul Duguay

Assistant Principal: Mr. Earl Mitchell

Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 2:17 p.m.

Mission Statement


The goal of Edmund W. Miles Middle School is to promote the social, emotional, and intellectual growth of every single student. Our expectations will be high, because we believe that every single student has the capacity to succeed. Our focus is to provide a school setting that is safe and responsive to the educational and developmental needs of our students.  Our vision is shared by administrators, students, parents, community members, and all faculty and staff members.  This vision will enable all of our students to become excellent citizens and life-long learners.




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Welcome Letter to Parents

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7th Grade Orientation Letter


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Current News

Middle School Teachers Share Their Knowledge

Middle School Teachers Share Their Knowledge photo
Edmund W. Miles Middle School teacher Michele Rudden and Jack Zider were presenters at the Long Island Council for the Social Studies conference on Oct. 26. 

Ms. Rudden was the 2018 recipient of the Outstanding Middle School Social Studies Teacher Award by LICSS. As part of the honor, she was invited to present at the annual conference at the Melville Marriott Hotel. Ms. Rudden, an eighth-grade teacher, partnered with ninth-grade teacher Mr. Zider so they could give perspectives on teaching two different levels. They spoke to a crowd of about 80 teachers from across Long Island.

Their presentation focused on teaching and learning strategies for challenged students to succeed on the long response sections of the new social studies Regents exams, including special education students, English language learners and poor readers. The revised Global History Regents, which is given at the end of 10th grade, includes document analysis for constructed response questions and an enduring issues essay. The workshop highlighted various methods of differentiation to achieve greater student outcomes.

Ms. Rudden and Mr. Zider cited their use of technology to provide students with access to digital content to provide a greater understanding of historical events. They said that while students don’t take the Regents until sophomore year of high school, it is important to introduce the format in middle school so they are poised for success. 

“Like true professionals, they are not only helping our students, but sharing with teachers all over Long Island who are facing the same obstacles,” said Assistant Principal Paul Duguay, who previously served as social studies chairperson. “I am proud to have them as colleagues and I congratulate them on this great achievement.”

Science Research Students Take on Ambitious 3D Printing Project

Science Research Students Take on Ambitious 3D Printing Project photo
While 3D printing has become increasingly popular in recent years, students in the Amityville Union Free School District will be getting a unique experience with the technology. Middle and high school students in the Independent Science Research program will be taking part in a nano 3D printing project in partnership with Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Teacher Alexis Charles and students drafted a proposal that was accepted by BNL to use its nanofabrication facility. The project required Ms. Charles to visit several times over the summer to be trained on the machine because she will be the one allowed into BNL’s “clean room.” Students will dictate the procedure to create a microscopic structure to grow cells.

Students involved in the project include John Hermann, Randy Jerez, Keiry Martinez, Maurice Pettway, Keniese Price, Rene Santos, Trea’von Smith, and Z’Dhanne Williams.

Amityville’s science research students work closely on other projects with Farmingdale State College biology professor Dr. Andrew Michaelson, and from him they learned about two dental procedures that have a high rate of failure. Indirect pulp capping has a 10 percent rate of failure, and direct pulp capping fails at 20 percent, which Ms. Charles explained is high for such costly procedures. 

The students are looking to grow dentin cells, and if their project is successful, it could revolutionize the procedure and increase the rate of success. Dentin cells are the part of teeth sensitive to hot and cold. The cells would be grown in vitro — outside of the mouth — which is why a small structure is required. Students will design the structure using computer assisted drawing software.

Ninth-grader Rene Santos said that creating the structure will pose some challenges because of its small size. Once it is made, it has to be carefully dried as an air gun would blow it away. Additionally, it will require a high-powered microscope to see. 

Ms. Charles said that in order to have the proposal accepted by a panel of three BNL scientists, it had to meet two standards. It had to contribute merit to the scientific community and also be feasible to make on the available equipment. Scientist Ming Lu has joined the project and is providing support to the group, such as giving students tips on how to overcome common problems encountered when designing an on object of a microscopic scale. 

In preparation for the upcoming project, the science research students have already had some experience designing objects using CAD software. They have learned about the difference between 3D printing and nano 3D printing, the latter using a gel to create a microscopic object as opposed to a plastic filament that builds layer by layer. 

“This type of project isn’t what the average ninth- or 10th-grader does,” said freshman Randy Jerez. “It’s a blessing to be in a group like this at such as young age, and to be able to make a difference in the dental industry.”

Ms. Charles said that the project has attracted students with many different interests, and that there is a place for everyone to contribute. Some are interested in the scientific and medical aspects, while others want to contribute their creativity and imagination to the design process. 

She added that the group is hoping to have the project substantially complete so they can compete in next year’s Long Island Science and Engineering Fair. 

VIDEO: No Place for Hate


Students and staff at Edmund W. Miles Middle School celebrate its positive culture and climate.

A Pledge to Stop Bullying at Middle School

A Pledge to Stop Bullying at Middle School photo
A Pledge to Stop Bullying at Middle School photo 2
A Pledge to Stop Bullying at Middle School photo 3
A Pledge to Stop Bullying at Middle School photo 4

More than 300 hundred students committed to maintaining a bully-free zone at Edmund W. Miles Middle School. To begin National Bullying Prevention Month, students signed anti-bullying pledges during their lunch periods on Oct. 1.

As part of the pledge, students vowed to take a stand against bullying by speaking up if they see it happening. They also promised to stick up for others in need of help and serve as role models by not using their phones or computers to spread hurtful messages about others. 

Students received No Place for Hate bracelet after signing the pledge. Earlier this year, the school received the No Place for Hate designation by the Anti-Defamation League for its commitment in creating a culture of kindness and respect. 

Many students and staff wore orange to school, which is the awareness color for National Bullying Prevention Month. The school also began Project Connect, with students writing on paper links their ideas for helping others. The links will be connected to spell “Unite.”

“We are uniting for a common cause,” social worker Beatriz Offitto said. “While one person can speak out against bullying, our message is much stronger when we come together to make a difference.”


Social Studies Teacher Named EWMMS Assistant Principal

Social Studies Teacher Named EWMMS Assistant Principal photo
Paul Duguay, a teacher in the Amityville Union Free School District for more than a decade, has been named assistant principal of Edmund W. Miles Middle School. He joins the administrative team of Principal Edward Plaia and fellow Assistant Principal Earl Mitchell.

Mr. Duguay was a social studies teacher at Amityville Memorial High School for three years and at the middle school for eight years. He was the middle school’s social studies department chairman in the 2017-18 school year, and has also coached the varsity girls track team and the middle school baseball team. His responsibilities as assistant principal will include master schedule planning and supervising extracurricular activities.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in history and education from SUNY Albany, a master’s degree in social studies secondary education from Hofstra University and his administration certificate from the College of St. Rose. His professional memberships include the Long Island Council for Social Studies and ASCD. 
Monday, November 12, 2018